Birthday Party done

Yesterday we had Samantha's 3rd birthday party. While the girls and and their little church friend (a friend of the family's boy) had an awesome time it wasn't as big as it could have been. Their little cousin showed up for a little while and Sammi was a bit mean to her, she was pushing her thankfully the little girl was a tough one and got right back up with no problems. Sammi got a talking to and a smack on the diaper it didn't happen again thankfully.

The kids played with the bubble machine Mam bought for the birthday party. The hunted easter eggs. Then we went inside for cake ice cream and presents. Sammi got quite the haul. She got a big tonka truck, several construction vehichles, a garbage truck and cop truck that have sounds. A recycle truck with "legos" and parts, a farm set from her Aunt Stacey and Uncle Mig, a John Deer tractor with wagon and a pig and cow puppet set that were the only girly thing she got. Oh yes and an inflatable chair and a pair of Dora sunglasses.

The kids then went outside and hunted eggs again. Then everyone went home. Of course the kids fell asleep on the way back from Mam and Pawpaw's house, as usual when we leave at 4pm. But thankfully they went to sleep relatively easily at 8pm when it was time for them to sleep. I was exhausted so I was glad for that. I slept great until: 3:11am which I'm not sure why I woke up then. I didn't get up until 7am when the girls woke up, minus the time I spent awake fixing Shea' lunch at 4am. But the sleep was all good and the girls are now playing outside or rather Kitten is and Sammi's playing with her toys inside.

It was a good day, next week will be similar.

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