Yesterday I sat down in my bedroom to clean the weekend mess and put away all the clean clothes I'd been procrastinating on. I flipped on the Roku and watched a movie to pass the time and with like 30 mins left the girls decided to come in the house instead of playing outside. Fine, no problem, until Kathleen brings me a blister pack of Benadryl and says Sammi ate some.

Kathleen was kind enough to show me half a pill on the floor and there were two blisters open. I probably should have called the Poison control center and wouldn't have had to worry about the ER trip, but I wasn't going to wait just in case. So we piled in and went to the ER.

Thankfully what she could have eaten was a non toxic dose. They gave her some charcoal which she drank half of on her own, and I had to use a syringe to help the rest go down, she was covered in black from fighting me, but thankfully the shirt will be mostly okay, it was dark brown, except the pink sleeves.

We went to Walmart afterward as I had to keep her awake for the next 6 hours and that was a good place to kill some time. We stopped at the in store McDonald's to get some food in the girls, and some caffeine, but they weren't taking cards so I had to go do my little bit of shopping for sprite for Sammi to keep hydrated with, and get some cash. We ate in the store then left to go home where the girls finished their lunch and played with their Dragon toys.

Sammi is doing fine I probably didn't need to go to the ER just call poison control, I have a scale this time lol but I cautioned on the safe side this time instead of waiting longer.

I still have NO idea where she got it. Shea and I just cleaned out the bathroom and threw them outside in the garbage and went on last Thursday. The only place I can think that she might have gotten them was in a "junk" drawer in the kitchen that I must not have closed all the way cause it's really hard to open and close. I will be cleaning that out to make sure no more pills are lying around. I really thought we'd had everything up out of reach *sighs*. And Sammi is ten times worse than Kathleen was about putting things in her mouth.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015