Lovely...MRI results

I got a call just a little while ago from my doctor's office. My doctor isn't in but another doctor at the clinic took a look at the MRI report. There are no definitive masses but it is abnormal. The MRI report suggests an additional test of an enhanced MRI - another "better" machine or dye's the receptionist wasn't clear on what was actually suggested. We made an appointment for next Wednesday morning with my doctor to go over the results and see if the test really is needed.

Now this can mean many things!
1. The MRI reporters don't realized I had a brain tumor removed already (despite the fact it was written on the test referral, told over the phone when the appointment was scheduled and that I had mentioned on my own paperwork when I filled it out).
2. The other doctor didn't look into my past MRI's to compare results.

However this doesn't mean I don't feel that sort of panic that sets in after you've gone through one of these things already. Waiting a week is going to be killer on my nerves. I'll have to tell Shea when he calls or comes home and hopefully that will be the last time I think about it. At least that is my hope, chances though of that happening are pretty slim, I don't expect to sleep much.

So we wait in a state of unbalance until next Wednesday. Thankfully today is a lovely day out side and I can go outside and watch the girlies play while working a little on my laptop if it's behaving today.

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