Well I got through my first night with out freaking out. I tried not to think about it but as always it creeps in unannounced. But I'd quickly push it out of my thoughts, thinking of other things to write or do.

The day was good though I think it was a bit distracting as I had this "I don't want to do anything" feeling. But I managed to push all the mess from the living room into a big pile in which I will clean up when I get a chance, I didn't earlier because the girls were outside and I didn't want to be that far away from them.

Shea is home for 4 days, so my days will be better spent with something to do anyway, even if it's WoW. Friday we hope to get to Lowe's to buy the materials to install our door in the back of the house. Saturday, I have to dye Easter Eggs and make Monster's out of them with the girls, as well as make cupcakes for Dinner on Sunday. Sunday we will be going to church as well as Easter dinner and a mini party for Sammi for her birthday with the aunts and uncles. Monday will be a chill day. I think Shea wants to mow the lawn on Friday as it's suppose to rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Then there will be only one more day before my appointment. So hopefully busy enough not to think about it.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015