Getting Ready for summer

The weather is getting warmer, not quite as warm as my parents house, but warm enough that last weekend we installed the window units and sleep with them at night. The girls have slept much better as have we for the most part. We are still working on the door, the planing Shea did on Sunday wasn't enough, time for plan B next weekend, not sure what plan B is yet, but Shea will figure it out.

Today I moved the PCs to the bedroom, and I need to clean the house in totality, including the play room. We will be bringing a toy shelf into our bedroom for the girls toys they can play with this summer in our bedroom.

I have a lot of running around to do today so not sure how much cleaning I'll get done today, but we'll see. I really need to make sure the office is cleaned up and the living room but that's not likely to happen today. I have to go to staples to get some pages printed off, to the bank to deposit a check and hopefully pay off a loan with it, and also going to hit Big Lots and Walmart with Samantha's birthday money.

I've made it this far with out freaking out about the abnormal MRI. I have had a few late night thoughts I've had to push away, mostly really bad what ifs which aren't good for me. Though this weekend was as promised busy busy busy so I really was tired when I went to bed this weekend so the most "thoughtful" time of the night was pretty much not there. I did wake up a little and have to push away thoughts, but it wasn't difficult I was rather tired still.

It's nearing 9am when the bank opens so I should start getting the girls ready to do our running and then we can be home sooner. Maybe I'll let the girls play their baseball set up that Mam and Pawpaw gave Sammi for her birthday. I guess they want to eat first lol, so we'll eat first then go.

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