More MRI results

My doctor is in. I got a call either yesterday or this morning but my phone was dead and I didn't know it. He's reviewed it and he wants me to have an MRI done with contrast to check for any blockages. Not exactly sure what this means.

But my doctor knows my history and I'm prepared to have records sent over from all locations that may or may not have the history. I'm not sure if the office on Long Island has the MRI films from Cooperstown or not, but I have all the addresses needed for the medical reports to pass on over to them if necessary. The more and more I think about it the more and more likely I think it's going to be that they will want these things.

Anyway I wait for them to call me back to make an appointment. We will try for a Friday, but that may not be possible as the doctor wants another MRI with contrast done and that may or may not be done regularly. We'll see. I wait with my charging phone lol.

Slightly freaking out, but not to the point of OMG, just concerned.

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