MRI with contrast

Today had the MRI with contrast on top of having had a migraine all night long. I took some migraine meds when I woke up this morning as I really didn't want to have a headache with the noise the MRI makes. Thankfully it was pretty much gone when it started.

There are some differences between this one and the last one that makes things a little brighter but not completely out of the fog of worry. An Open MRI is what I had on my last one, the one with the abnormal scan which prompted this one, which was in a "closed" MRI and with contrast. A regular MRI scan is much clearer than an Open MRI so that's a plus, the abnormal scan can just be the scar tissue at a lower resolution which made it not so definitive.

But with the fall and the headaches and the possible abnormal scan I'm still not completely unworried, less so and hopefully will only have a few more days to wait on results. But even if the doctor says it's a-okay, it still doesn't help me understand the fall and the headaches. I'm beginning to think that this past week of constant headaches is a sinus allergy reaction. Once I get the sinus pain, it has been turning into a migraine. The sinus headaches are typically from turning on the AC units, but we can't live with out those so I really not sure what to do about this particular issue.

Headaches suck I just want them to go away lol.

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