Next phase - headaches

I went to the doctor today to see about the next step of my headaches.

Well we have a plan of action however I'm not really enthused about one and while I'm getting prescription I don't think I'm going to start it right away.

Here is the doctor's plan of action. He's sent me to a physical therapist for my neck to evaluate and tread and see if this is what's causing a lot of my headaches through tension headaches. Since a majority of my headaches are also sinus related he told me to take Zyrtec. I bought the cheap brand and even that is surely expensive I really am not sure that's a good solution. And he's have me try Topamax. Not really keen on this idea right now, it's a well documented medicine for migraines, but what if it's not really migraines I'm having or that the tension headaches are what are causing the migraines (or what I think are migraines).

So what I'm going to do, get the prescription for the first month of topamax. I will start taking Zyrtec as the bottle says to. And I will go to the therapist on Monday as my appointment dictates. I'm not going to actually start taking topamax for a while. Perhaps I can get rid of my headaches with these too. I'm not thrilled about the migraine preventative right now, but I will take it if my headaches don't get better. So another month or so of tracking my headaches to see if anything is working.

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