Moving to 5 8s

Not sure what I mean? lol.

Shea has been working 10 hours for four days a week for the past few years. We have really enjoyed this, it leaves Fridays open for a lot of running around that doesn't interfere with a weekend really. But this Friday will be the last one Shea has off.

Starting May 31 (next Monday) Shea will start working 8 hours a day for 5 days. He'll start work at 6am and get off work at 2:30pm. Which means he'll be home by 3pm to 3:30pm at the latest. This is very much going to through of my schedule. I think I'm going to have to adjust my working hours from 8am to 2pm for 5 days, instead of 8 to 4 for four days like it has been, with very little work I do on Fridays.

It'll be nice to have Shea home with more daylight hours, but not having Friday off is going to suck all around, at least we don't live too far away it's not going to affect our gas budget too much unlike so many others who work there.

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