Potty Training

For the past few weeks we've been working on with Sammi and potty training. It's been a big problem with trying to get her to go, it's not something we could ever enforce on her nor was it something she was really interested in. Our biggest hurdle was actually getting her to wear panties. Basically we just had to go cold turkey. We started with pull ups for a few weeks. And now we are into pullups only at night.

The biggest push came when I purchased a clear, air tight, sealable jar that now contains starbursts. This has been the biggest push for Samantha and potty training. We implemented a Starburst per potty. We tried it with a timer but Kathleen would go every 20 miniutes and thus get a candy. That didn't work for me and Sammi never had to go when I asked.

Last week we had a break through, Samantha went to the potty with out prompting. The only drawback was she didn't take off her panties. BUT she did go in the potty. We've had some very good days these past few days with her going in the potty. She tends to run around completely naked now but it saves on cleaning panties all the time.

Now to master #2 which I've not seen her do except in her pullup in the morning. so not sure how that's going. But we are doing great but I really hate bribing the girls to go, but hey it's working on the little stubborn one.

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