Headaches Redux

Well, headaches are once again in my life. BUT I have an idea how to stop them this time with out so much medication. Though sometimes I think the medicine route would be cheaper.

My headaches are not migraine well at least not so much as the typical migraine, I've never really seen auras or had sensitivity to sound or light, so not really typical migraines. But migraine like in many cases as Imatrix does work to fix the really bad ones.

Here's the progression of headaches. A week and a half after I stopped PT my neck started to get stiff and at the base of my skull it hurt a lot, but no headache. A few days later I started getting a bit of a headache nothing major but still a headache. Yesterday and the day before I've had some pretty major headaches that originate at my neck. So I think my neck has been causing most of my headaches.

Short of DTM (deep tissue massage) regularly I'm not sure how I can help it. I will be calling PT again on Monday as I really couldn't do it today and see about getting in for another massage and see what I can do in between sessions to help.

I also have a sinus headache as I've only got one zyrtec pill left and I've ordered some for cheap from CVS but the order hasn't processed yet. So I wait. I did buy some aleve and benadryl today to get me through the wait. We'll see how it goes, if I break down and get more zytrec lol.

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