Fever to Cold?

Sammi has had a fever for the past couple of days and we really didn't know why. Allergies, cold, heat exhaustion? We really have no clue, we've been doing all we can to make the fever go away, it tends to show up when she's clothed or when she's been bundled up at night.

We've taken baths and showers and kept her inside, this morning we didn't have a fever to any real extent, but now we are irritable and have the sniffles. I think it was a cold starting in on her. Though we are limiting the outside time to zippo as right now it's WAY too hot for anyone to be outside, much less my child who turns red after 20 mins outside in the shade lol.

I hope that it is just a cold and nothing else. She's behaving normally and doing well so I'm not overly concerned the fever seems to have gone so I'm much happier, we'll see once Shea gets home.

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