Happy Fourth of July

Today I will be grilling some chicken and corn. This is the first time I'll be trying chicken since leaving home. I'm not very patient. But I've been doing a lot more with cooking that I think I can manage. We will also be having potato salad, which I made earlier. And watermelon. I think the girls are looking forward to the watermelon more than anything else we will be doing today.

We will also be trying to go to the fireworks tonight. I think we are planning on heading to the Beach Park for some live music and see how the girls do with the fireworks. It'll be an interesting day.

On another front, Kathleen is starting to count to 25. She has troubles with her teens, but she's getting better. If you don't ask her to count for you and she's doing the cards then she'll count to 13 with out a wrong number after you get her started with one. She's doing so much better now I think with some of the games she's had too. But this last set of flash cards I think have helped a lot. We've tried them before but she didn't really have the patience for it then.

When I purchased these flash cards I made sure they were one sided. Meaning that there were no pictures on the side with the letter on them. The pictures are distracting and they both end up saying the name of the object and not learning their numbers. I think that has been the biggest help here, no pictures - both numbers and letters with no pictures.

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