Yesterday we went to the beach park. We rode around for a while looking for parking. We eventually found some near the park itself and we got out and took the girls to the playground. There was too many people and not enough police and neither Shea nor I felt comfortable.

We got back into the van with a dismayed child. But we hit Sonic and got drinks and ice cream and we went back down to the beach and found some parking in a vacant lot no where near the actual park. It was quiet and windy so it wasn't hot to my liking.

We let the girls play in the sand for a little while, until Kathleen threw sand in Sammi's eyes. So we went back to the car until the fireworks started. They watched the little ones people had going and were excited. By the time the big ones started they weren't really interested. But we were far enough away they weren't overly loud. Yay to that.

Food worked out well yesterday. I "marinated" my chicken in a brine solution - salt, water, some seasoned meat tenderizer, a little honey and a little vinegar. I wasn't very familiar with my grill since I've not used it in a while, so I forgot which was hot and which was the cooler side. so my skin was a bit darker than I liked, but it turned out well. After it was mostly cooked I added the barbaque sauce and it was. The corn was wrapped in tinfoil with butter and put on the top rack of the grill. It was yummy. Potato salad was good too. The Watermelon was AWESOME!

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015