Weight Loss

Starting July 7, 2010 I am going to start trying to lose weight. The target date would be November 21, 2010 at about 2 pounds a week. I'm trying to go from 164 to 125, though I will settle for 136.

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I am using Spark People as a guideline (Username: Alikatia_). I'm not so much as going to track my calories, I might do a little of it, but not going to go overboard on it. I intend to cut out the junk food, portion control and cut out the regular soda. Chances of cutting out full caffeine is a bit small right now. Though that is a goal as well.

To exercise I intend to do my Dance Dance Revolution for my daily calorie count, but also track the neck stretches I need to do in order to help my headaches.

Exercise Regime: 216 calories on the DDR (30 mins??) and 10 mins of stretching my neck, back and shoulders.

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