Dance Dance Revolution

Yesterday I started "working out" again using Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Grooves as my medium of choice. Yesterday I did workout mode for 216 calories - the recommended allotment for the day by Spark People. It lasted all of ten minutes and I really didn't even break a sweat. I did a little but not really enough to call it a work out.

So today I decided to try the other value of 30 minutes on DDR today. That is much better I burnt 711 calories according to their system and I worked up a sweat, my heart is beating nicely and it feels better than yesterdays.

My friend keeps reminding me to over do it and to take it easy, so I might do 216 cals one day and then 30 mins the next day. We'll see, 30 minutes doesn't feel that long or that hard so I think I can manage that. At least I hope I can.

Day two of dieting is going well. Not sure what I'm doing for supper yet but I'll figure it out.

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