Today was the Wilkerson-Wilkinson Family Reunion. I made a potato salad early this morning which started our already late start. Needless to say we didn't get there very early like we were suppose to.

We had bad news once we arrived. Shea's Aunt Johnnette hadn't been doing well and was in the hospital. Shea's Momma called earlier to tell him that and that she needed him but we didn't get there to help much as we got a late start to our day to begin with. But when we got there I knew the news wasn't good with Shea's Momma in tears. Shea's aunt passed away the day of the family reunion. It wasn't a good day for that, but it was in a way as well. At least family was together to support the rest of the family. Aunt Johnette is in a better place and feeling tons better and we are all glad of that, but she will be missed dearly by all who knew her.

The girls had a good time, they colored and played with their cousins. They brought home balloons and butterflies. We brought home leftovers chicken and corn on the cob. I doubt the corn on the cob will last the night once the girls find out we have it lol. They love them some corn.

Needless to say today has been a rough and eventful day. I don't have the energy to do DDR today. I will have to pick up again tomorrow, though I my just cut my weekends out all together as it's harder to do that with Shea home and the girls home and I don't get up quite so early in the morning.

Keep our family in your thoughts and prayers, we've a rough few days ahead of us as everything is prepared for Aunt Johnette's memorial service. We will miss you Aunt Johnette!

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