Headaches good for diet?

No I seriously don't think they are good for a diet, other than the fact that I didn't eat anything after lunch yesterday. Which in and of it self is not good, but when anything you put in your mouth upsets your already weak stomach you tend not to eat.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a nagging headache the progressed into a massive one by mid afternoon. I took a hot shower, took a pain killer, ate, added some caffeine to my "diet" and it calmed down for a little while, but an hour later or so it took off into major pain. I made iced coffee well 2 oz of double strong coffee with a cup of milk and vanilla creamer. But eh no help really. I took my allergy meds and put an icepack on my head and went to bed when the girlies did at 8ish. Sometime during the night it went away, thanks heavens as it would have sucked to have a headache again today.

I'm pretty sure it was a caffeine withdrawal headache, as I have been lessening my caffeine intake, apparently sweet tea is a lot less than a can of soda is. Hopefully I'm not in mandatory caffeine mode anymore and can have the occasional one with out risking headaches that kill me.

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