Change in goals

I've changed my weight loss goals from 2 pounds a week to 1 pound a week. Mostly because the exercise may not come so easily it's difficult to get it in and 30 mins of ddr while okay kinda kills batteries on the wireless bar (stupid mice or dog ate the wired one's cords *sighs*). And I can only afford so many batteries. I do have rechargeable ones I'll put in today so that when Kathleen gets up we can play for a few. I'm going to assume I can get to do exercises 4 days our of the week when Shea's not here, it's difficult when he is here cause we've only got one TV at the moment. (Well only one TV hooked up to cable in a cool room. And I need the TV for DDR or even a DVD cause well it's too hot to work anywhere else in the house, I sweat more cooking some days then I do actually working out lol.)

Today I did a 10 minute session of Pilates and 10 minute session of cardio-dance mix. I'll do about 10 mins or more on the DDR with some faster songs later today. I tried some kick boxing bootcamp but eh, that won't work for me lol. I might start my Tai Chi DVD up too but we'll see how it goes with these things.

On the up note today was officially a weigh in day for me and I lost 4 pounds. That is mostly due to the dropping of soda from my drink of choice. I've been drinking a lot of Crystal Light. I've even managed a few glasses of straight water and some sugar-free sweet tea. I am going to attempt to keep Dr. Pepper out of my life, but it's my one true weakness, even Diet Dr. Pepper isn't the same. So I think I can splurge on it once and a while as long as it's not in the house. And I'm pretty picky about my Dr. Pepper. I don't like fountain soda, it never tastes right and I don't particularly like 2 litters either cause they go flat too quick. BUT, a 2 litter is cheaper than a 20oz so cost wise that's probably what willl end up happening lol. But eh, it's easy to limit to one cup a day if I have to, but I really don't intend to have it in the house.

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