Far Away Family

I never thought I'd say this now, since I've not been to Colorado in many many many years (my god almost 20 years - holy!), but I think I miss some of the good times back then.

For years in high school I missed Colorado, but mostly because I wasn't with my friends, had to repeat classes I'd already taken and just wasn't real happy about the move. I don't regret the move now. I'm glad we moved, really glad we moved.

Now family is definitely in New York, yes in the town that I desperately wanted to get away from. It's really funny how life changes and how things you took for granted come back to haunt you later. While I don't miss the small town mentality per say, I do miss it in a way. But I do miss my family even those far far away whom I'm not likely to see much.

Colorado holds many good memories, and I've been reminded of some of them recently by finding a close cousin of mine on Facebook. We didn't see each other more than a couple times of year because they lived up in the mountains. But we probably had some of the most fun times ever every summer when we did go to visit. We did a lot of camping with them, but I remember most was the horses and playing out in the woods surrounding their house.

I was only really ever close to three sets of cousins - the ones I just mention whom I've found most of on Facebook recently, another set of boys who we spent a lot of time - several times a year we saw each other, and then one cousin who lived with us for summers during the day, and came home with me during middle school. Other than that we didn't see the rest of the family except during holidays and the like. But there are several on Facebook and I do like keeping up with them. But it's hard to picture some of them with kids and such because when I left Colorado they were very little and it's hard to get that out of your mind.

I miss my family, all of it. I'm glad I've got Shea and the girls with me and Shea's family around me, but nothing beats having your own family around. With Facebook comes the happy times and the sad times when I can't share in all the special events that I now get to see. But I wouldn't change it because now I can at least feel some of the happy times through pictures and words shared by my family.

Love and Miss ya'll.

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