Lost Weight

Well I lost 3 more pounds mostly because of the less soda in my diet. What soda I have had MOST of the time has been diet. I've found I can drink Coke Zero with out getting too irked at the taste. I can do Diet Dr. Pepper, but don't really like it as much as I like regular Dr. Pepper so when I have Dr. Pepper I tend to not have diet, unless it's a fountain soda cause I really don't like Dr. Pepper from the fountain anyway.

The reason why I'm pretty confident in saying that this is from the lack of soda is because this past week saw little exercise. And I don't forsee that changing. Not because I don't want to, tho that is part of it, but mostly because the batteries are dead in the wireless bar for the Wii. I have rechargeable in there now so that might help. But the girls decide that they want to play too after I'm done. Gets a bit annoying cause Kathleen can do the sports things by herself but she doesn't normally want to play that she wants to play the one that requires you to read. I think we will have to get Dora or Deigo for them so they don't have to read so much. At least I'd hope a toddler show would not require them to read.

I did order EA Sports Active for the Wii a few days ago. We had a Dell gift card that came with Shea's computer actually I think it was part of buying the printer. It was going to expire in August and since I doubt we'll be doing anything computer related for a while, I decided to see what we could get that would work for us. Since I really wanted this one to begin with we ordered it. It cost us $14.19 to pay for the remainder of the product and shipping and handling. So all in all it's a good purchase. If we like it I might get More Workouts too but we'll see what we've got here first and if it'll work and is fun. It needs to be fun in order to do it.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015