EA Sports Active arrived today around 4. I immediately set it up and the girls liked it. Kathleen really enjoyed the Inline Skating exercises. I didn't my poor knees could only accommodate her once on that after I went through the 30 day challenge exercises. So she is currently playing on her own profile. She's got an inline skating custom work out and and baseball swing workout going now. She is really enjoying it.

I will be doing the 30 day challenge and the two work outs I set up. One was cardio dancing and the other is sports exercises, tho I will probably change the latter one out I didn't like some of the exercises. I might through in some cardio boxing. We'll see I'll test those tomorrow, my knees are wobbly right now so it's a good idea to stop now.

And on the storm front Bonnie is looking to kit us as a Tropical Storm. We will be watching it closely and if it gets Hurricane status we will evacuate, but for now I will settle for just cleaning up the yard so things don't go flying around. But we look to be on the eastern edge of it. How much of it we'll get is still yet to be known, but we could sustain a direct hit as we are in the projected path cone right now. I'll keep ya'll updated on that if you aren't updated by the weather channel.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015