Today I made a few phone calls (I started on Thursday). The First Baptist Church on Pascagoula Street no longer has a preschool. This was my first call and kind of my first choice as Shea and his mom gave it good reviews. Next was the First Methodist Church on Market Street. Which was a good choice and the price was right last time I called but it's now $200 a month instead of the $115 a month I remember it being before. But they had no openings.

Shea found a daycare preschool on his way home on Ingalis Street. It is the Eastlawn Child Development Center part of the Eastlawn Methodist Church. This was Shea's grandmother's church and theirs when they lived in Pascagoula, many many many years ago.

They had one opening for a four year old for preschool only. So we did some running today and Kathleen is registered there and will start school next Monday. That's when their curriculum starts and that's the important part. The only thing lacking is the short record form the need from the heath department bu I can bring that in on Monday. But for some reason the Health Department was closed today, odd. But I will run their tomorrow and get the form.

We got the few supplies she needed and I will probably have to go pick her up a new backpack (and Sammi one too) on Tuesday so she has something to put her things in.

I am nervous, but not so much about Kathleen, Kathleen once she gets accustom to things she's an open book, it may take a little while tho. I am most nervous about forgetting, to drop her off on time or to pick her up. The latter bothers me the most. I'm going to have to have an alarm set to get Sammi ready at 11am so that we can get there early and be waiting for her.

She starts school a 8am and it ends at 11:30am. Half a day, a good start to going to school. Hopefully it won't be a traumatic experience for either of the girls. I fear more for Sammi than I do Kathleen, Sammi is going to be lost with out her sister. I will probably have to adjust my working hours to after Kathleen comes back from school so that Sammi isn't so lost.

Wish us all good luck even though I'm sure we won't need it. I am very glad to have found a preschool close to home and with in a price I think will be manageable on most occasions.

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