I am very unmotivated this week. I don't have the energy to do my work outs so I don't do them. This is going to be a bad week for it and next week isn't going to be any better either. This week is pre-preschool week and I'm attempting to set schedule with the girls, tho for Kitten 7am rolls around too early for her and she's not hungry so I'm not sure what I can do about that. The only good thing is she'll have a snack in preschool, but I fear she'll be hungry most of the morning. I have a new cereal which we will try tomorrow at 7am. We'll see how it goes.

I am a 7am alarm and an 11am alarm set now, I hope I remember to set them on Monday after I turn them off for the weekend lol. I don't think I'll forget but it's one of those lovely fears I have about this.

Next week will be a big adjustment with Sammi and that isn't going to go well, she doesn't do well with out her sister around - she's very clingy. So I doubt I'll get much done until she adjust fully.

I need to redo my portfolio for my freelancing but I can't find something that I've created that reflects my work and me at the same time. The creativity for personal projects isn't there right now. But I need a look I'm happy with so I can finish my brochure as I've got the last of the testimonials I was waiting on so I can finish that up.

I didn't lose any weight this week. Lack of exercise I'm sure is the key to that. This week hasn't started any better either.

My brother and his fiancee are getting married this weekend so that also causes some unmotivated as I'd rather be there but we can't. We knew we weren't going but it still kinda disappointing we couldn't go even if we had planned on it.

On an up-note, Shea's son is home from Iraq. He to the last of my knowledge was on his way down here with his mother. Hopefully we'll get to see him while he's down here. I won't have his son with him, he hasn't even seen him yet *frowns* but at least we'll get to see him and he'll get to see how big the girlies have gotten. Hopefully they won't send him out again.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015