First Day of Preschool

Today was the first day of the next fourteen plus years of Kathleen's life. This particular phase is something that she'll have to endure for that long and hopefully longer through college too. But we'll get there when we get there - hopefully not too fast.

Our schedule started at 6:30 this morning. As both girls tend to have accidents at night we decided that it was best to give them a shower first thing in the morning just to make sure they are clean and not smelly. Last thing we need is for someone to pick on Kathleen cause she sticks, we want her to go back to school and like it. So we showered and ate breakfast (and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Then we got ready for school - getting dressed, brushing our teeth and our hair.

Kathleen really didn't want to go but I prodded her along to get going. Once we got there, she saw other kids and started to inch in more towards one little girl the ladies introduced to her. I think she wanted to join in. That was the end of that for her. Sammi on the other hand wanted to stay with sissy and she wanted to go to school too. But she can't so I carried her out hugged so close to me she was afraid I was going to leave too. In the car she insisted she wanted to go to school, but when I told her she was too little she changed her tactics "I want to see Kitkat". She so relies on her sister.

We came home and she had some root beer or I attempted to give it to her but she didn't want it. But I had to go to CVS to fill my prescription and change our insurance to the new one since it went into affect Aug 1. Sammi got to ride in the push cart car that CVS has for the little ones. She never gets to ride in it alone so it was a treat. We came home she finished her root beer and sat down at their computer and played their little art game until we had to leave.

All in all they did really good. Kathleen's teacher told me that she counted well, which is good to hear. She busted out into tears as soon as she saw me and she told me that she missed me and clung to me like I was gone for a long time. I feel for her and this is a big change for her. It is for all of us.

I guess I'm not like most stay at home moms or even most moms in general because there was no crying, or OMG my child is going to school moments. My biggest fear is forgetting to pick her up. I think it has to do with already dealing with that anxiety by leaving the girlies with their grandparents for overnight stays or even a day while we go out. I missed her but I'm more proud she went and did so well then I'm worried how things will go. Yeah I worry but they have my number and I put stay at home mom as my employment so they should know I'm there but I doubt it'll be needed at all. As I told my Mom earlier I'm more "OMG I'm glad she's out of the house for half the day" than I am "OMG she's gone what will I do", lol.

But today was a good day. I even got real work done. A logo near finalized for a client, their coming soon page and a custom post portfolio working with my 3.0ified WordPress layout.

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