Day Two + Visitor

Day two of preschool is going pretty well - except for the fact that I don't feel good. My head and stomach aren't feeling too hot, not sure if it's the heat or something else. My allergies were a bit heavy last night so I don't know, and on top of that I didn't sleep well.

Kathleen didn't really want to go, but she seemed pretty happy once we got there and I got a preview of what it could be like. One of the little girls in Kathleen's class showed up at the same time and she didn't want to leave her dad. She cried and screamed but I asked Kathleen if she wanted to help her, so she went pretty easily. I am glad we don't have that, even Sammi doesn't do that when we leave. She did of course cry and she was very clinging, meaning I've just now gotten some un-cling time from the kiddo. She's wanted me to watch Phineas and Ferb with her and I did, now she's happily playing her art game again. She doesn't get to do this very often so she's having a good time.

Kathleen is going on a field trip today. They didn't get me the paperwork to let her go until this morning but I have no problem they are just going down the road to the old high school gym to play for an hour or so. I hope she has fun.

Last night after we got back from helping Shea's parents load some things into their truck from Aunt Johnette's house we had a visitor stop by. The door bell rang and I just figured it was Shea's folks, we or they had forgotten something. But it wasn't when I opened the door McL was standing there. I gave him a hug and invited him in and we went into the back of the house - where it's cooler.

We talked about the situation with him and his wife and son. We offered moral support and told him if he needed a place for Gabe we were willing to help while he was in the army until he could do it himself. He joined WoW but couldn't seem to get into things so I helped him buy his full subscription and hopefully we'll be able to help him out in his game time.

I am thankful that he has some good friends that stopped him from doing something he shouldn't. They are good friends and I'm glad they are supporting him. He has some good support and that's going to be key I think.

It was very good to see him and I hope we can spend more time with him before he goes back to Virgina to deal with his life and get back to work in the army. He got to spend time with the girls, Kathleen and him wrestled around for a while before we went looking for Mam and Pawpaw. He spent the night up there, we just don't have a place for him with only living in two rooms and he'd be more comfortable up there. Hopefully he'll come down later today. Maybe we can get him to stay to get the group together, we don't know yet. Hopefully tho.

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