Day Three - Schoolitis?

Today Kathleen woke up with a "headache". Not exactly sure if this was an excuse to stay in bed, or from school. But once she got ready and dressed and all that, it was "Mommy it's time for school." She went with Ms. Tammy with out complaint as I signed in. It wasn't so tough today with Sammi as Shea was sent home because of an eye injury from yesterday was making seeing hard. So she stayed home with him. And he had to calm her down and she was when I came home. She sat in my lap for a while on and off through the day, and now she's coloring in her book - more like drawing since it's not actually got pictures in it.

I bought the girls some composition notebooks (as they were $0.25 for them during school sales) and they don't tear out the pages easily so they aren't scattered all over my house. Which is mostly what the floor gets covered with so they've been drawing and writing their names and letters in them. Well mostly Kathleen, Sammi won't copy but that's okay.

I'm not sure if Kathleen's headache this morning was real or not but I gave her some Tylenol just in case and took her temperature which she didn't seem to have a fever. I told her teacher she had a headache and to call me if she was not "better". I've not gotten a call yet so that means she's at least feeling okay. But I am concerned she might be sick. Two days ago Shea had a headache and his stomach wasn't feeling well. Yesterday I had a headache and my stomach wasn't feeling well. However my headache morphed into a full blown migraine by the middle of the day. So today it's likely she has one and really isn't feeling well. So hopefully it's not really her being sick and just her not wanting to get up and go.

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