Good Weekend kinda

Friday Kathleen went to school with no issues. Tho she did come home and get sick again not sure what that was about.

Saturday we did the usual. We were suppose to go up to Lucedale to help with some plumbing for a friend of ours but our plans changed Thursdayish with the information that McL was going to be at Shea's parents house. So we had to cancel on that as it was not a trip we wanted to make two days in a row.

Sunday we went up to Shea's parents house, I had to drive Shea's eye was particularly bothering him a lot more than it had been before. The girls and I went to church, and the girls went to Sunday School. I went to Sam and Joyce's and we waited for everyone to show up. McL showed up around 11:15 or so and we spent the time together with the whole family. The girls really enjoyed their time with their brother. And I hope he enjoyed his time with them, they get to see each other so little it's really nice for them to get to play together.

But Sunday wasn't a good day for me either, I didn't feel 100% most of the day, but it wasn't until the night that things went for the worst, I got the same thing Kathleen had. What's bad is I still have it today and have only really eaten crackers and drank ginger ale today. I'm exhausted and I have so much to do. Hopefully I can get some of it done.

Kathleen went to school and enjoyed it, she didn't even fuss at all when I had to leave. She's starting to really like it I think. Yay for her.

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