I'm better, Shea's not

Well I'm feeling much better today. I have a headache but that really is nothing to worry over as it's not making it impossible to work yet. But Shea has what I had yesterday on top of his eye still bothering him, tho I hope the latter is better.

One thing I'm beginning to realize is Kitten is not a morning person. It takes about ten miniutes to coax her out of bed and into the shower in the morning. Then it's a fight in the shower lol. It's good we don't always have a shower, tho she will continue to get up at 6:30a regardless, it's easier to get her moving for school with an hour wait instead of half an hour.

Sammi didn't throw a fit today when we left. She wanted to color, so I told her we'd color at school, but by the time we got home she'd already forgotten about it. She wanted Kitkat but she's understanding she'll be home later.

We are off to take Shea to the doctor, and I'll pick the kiddo up if he's still in there when we need to get her and we'll all come back to get Daddy.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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