Did some rearranging

Today I did some rearranging which meant a lot of cleaning too. Our bedroom looks much better, and I moved one set of dressers inside of our closet to make room for some more that we are getting later after they figure out what to do with the stuff that was in them, they were from Shea's Aunt's house.

I also rearranged the girlies room. I put there beds together in a "L" shape and moved the tv to another wall. It opened up the room better and will allow me to put in a dresser in there if it's stable enough to hold the TV too. Though I could always just move the little TV in there as we won't be taping much I'm sure but you never know.

We'll see how well it goes over tonight with them sleeping so close, they typically share a bed so I hope it's fine. But we'll see.

You will never know how much stuff was underneath Kitten's bed. It's a solid wood frame with drawers, but we pulled the drawers out to get a better fit of the drawers against the wall (the girls break the drawers stepping on them). And all the toys that fell down the crack fell into those holes too. It was a major mess to clean up while moving things around lol. But it's all clean, there are tons of cars to be played with now lol.

I've a bit more rearranging to do in our room to fit the dressers in here, so that'll have to happen another day.

I also have to go through all the girlies clothes to figure out where I'm putting their clothes and praying they don't take them out of the drawers in their room. Fun fun.

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