Well, there are a few updates to go through that I've yet to post.

I have heard back from only one of the several applications I sent out thus far. All the others are still out there. I did manage to get find a number for one that I wanted to call. And I'll look into the others I have out as well. I am not sure what all I applied for now so I'll have to hope they sent me something in automated reply so I can follow up exactly lol.

I am still sick. My voice is thankfully better, but I have a lingering cough and sinus issues. I'll probably have this for a while, I almost always do. The girls are sick with something too probably the same thing I have, nasal issues and a cough. Kathleen was complaining about her ears hurting I hope that it doesn't require going to the doctor's office. Poor Kitten is having issues with her voice too.

Shea got the bugger too but he seems to be doing better. He went to the doctor and he got antibotics and a decongestant pill. Hopefully that'll fix him up nice and good lol.

Kathleen has school pictures on Sept 14th, she's suppose to wear fall attire, what the heck is fall attiire? I just hope I can pull something together for then. Right now most her clothes are spring/summerish. I'm sure I can make a dress fall by adding a shirt underneath, but I don't really have any fall type colors for her. Yellow maybe, but it's kinda dingy from two summers worth of kid dirt lol.

I'm having regular headaches again. I now know where most of them originate from, or at least I know what the left side headaches are from. I try not to take my migraine meds for them but alot of the time that's all that really works. Ice, heat, Flex All with a massage vibrator thing to push and poke at the injured areas. It helps as long as I keep doing it. Hot showers help. There is a lot that helps but there is nothing that can heal this, or make them go away completely. The best thing is the massage thing, but it's hard to do myself, and it's hard to tell Shea where it needs to be done to get the best benefit from. At least they aren't brain issues or anything like that. While they are annoying at least I have a cause for them in most cases. It's all the other times I am not always sure, but these ones on the left side when they reach down to my neck are all about scar tissue.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015