Today I kept Kathleen home from school and I'm particularly glad I did. We went to the doctor today for both the girls to check up on their colds. Sammi has a sinus infection and Kathleen has an ear infection. They are both on antibiotics and a cough syrup. And all are different with different dosages and different times. Thankfully only the cough syrups are on a "regular" schedule. Sammi's antibiotics are once a day thing, and Kathleen's is twice a day (12 hours).

Kathleen should have some ear drops but CVS didn't have any and she's not overly complaining about the pain, if she does I'll just give her some Tylenol as that seemed to help.

I wasn't overly concerned about their cough, but I was concerned that Sammi was still sniffling, she's had this cold longer than I've had mine, and Kathleen's ear has been bothering her since Friday so I'm glad I took her in.

Hopefully the girlies will get better soon.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015