Lord of the Rings Online

Shea and I canceled our WoW accounts a while back to save a bit of money. We started playing Dungeon and Dragons Online for a while as it was free to play, but it really didn't hold Shea's interest, and there was really no grinding to the game it was all quest, dungeon related like DnD lol.

But Lord of the Rings Online went free to play this past Friday. It's a grind game, we could sit and just kill things and move when the population was down you get xp for killing things which is typically more up our alley. There isn't any real PvP here at least not on a free or premium account. Or at least not something Shea's been interested in checking out yet, but I'm sure he'll try something at some point.

We are currently playing on Vilya with our Shady friends. My main character right now is Alikatia an Elven hunter. Shea's playing a Human guardian he's named Amtank. We are glad to be able to chat with real friends. Some of Shea's long time friends (Sin and Ara) are playing. Braille and Headstone have wandered over. Shards has a toon moving up as well. And my Dad is checking out and maybe McL will too, it would be nice to have that connection with him. But the bestest part of it is, I might actually get to spend time with Miss Rae. Not that I don't talk to her enough on gtalk, but it's nice to be able to do something other than chat sometimes. Her hubby has joined up too. We've a nice bit of a guild shaping up and that's not even recruiting. Maybe next weekend lag won't be so bad we can actually get a bit farther, we'll see tho, I'm sure the initial lag will drop down eventually as people spread out through Middle Earth and leave the game altogether.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015