Poor Kiddo ... Mommy Panics

Kitten has been sick on again and off again for a while now. Complains of ear aches here and there and typically gets better after some tylenol for a few days. Today it was pretty bad, she was crying at school cause of it. Tylenol and some ear drops in and she's sleeping now.

But with out insurance right now (we will have it on Monday) it's hard to take her to the doctor, though if she's bad tomorrow I will go and pay the full price then and there and get her settled, including all the perscriptions that will go with it. I just hope that we can hold out till Monday. Though from the looks of her today not sure it'll happen.

So I'm in the middle of a mommy panic and probably will be for a while. Tho I think I will make an appointment for Monday that way we get in with out a walk in. We'll see. Here's to hoping.

*added later*

I made her an appointment for tomorrow. Without insurance it'll be $60. It's for the afternoon so hopefuly she can go to school tomorrow.

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