Paper dolls & Uno

Saturday Mam and Pawpaw brought the girlies a get well present to the hospital. For Sammi it was a motorcycle and a crash test dummy that didn't make it out of the hospital room with all it's little pieces. But it was a big hit for Sam. Kitten got paper dolls, not the kind with the tabs tho, with double sided sticky tape and punch out not cut out so both things were pretty good.

The sticky tape is annoying, but it went over so well with Kathleen in the hospital, she played with them ALL the time. It was a great toy for staying in bed. She's still playing with it today lol. It's a good thing for her.

I also brought the unopened Uno cards with me figuring she knows her numbers and her colors now and it's essentially a matching game. She enjoyed it. We played by all the rules but one, and that was saying Uno when you only have one card. We also didn't play long game rules where you draw till you can play, or a few other house rules I knew. I didn't have the official game instructions.

But she enjoyed the new things. She still wants to stay at the hospital, and if it weren't expensive I'd let her but I can't do that for long and I really don't think she can either, the only plus to it is they gave her her meds so much easier than I ever will be able to. I'm not sure really what to do about it. I make sure to give it to her slow and I can't think how I'm going to manage to do this for 2 weeks 2 times everyday. It's a royal pain in the butt.

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