Shea's folks got some free children's ticket for the circus in the mail and one adult free ticket, so yesterday after Shea got home from work we hauled the girls out for a surprise. We went to the circus for $24 dollars for seats and $50 bucks on junk (and dinner and more on food afterward).

We left the house after Shea's house, bought our tickets then went into the fall to eat it was either Pizza or Chicken. The chicken line was long and the pizza didn't have enough out so we had to wait, but we each had a slice of New York Style Pizza, and Shea and I got another pepperoni piece when it came out as we were still hungry.

Then we went to the circus proper. The girls road a camel - $5 each. We got a drink and cotten candy - $5 each. The girls got a light stick which is pretty cool for $8 each. They were disappointed when we ran out of cash lol.

We watched only half of the show, but we got to see the big cats and the trapeze - some clown acts and the ring/swing act oh yes and the camel/zebra/llama/pony act. The girls enjoyed it. We could have stayed for the full show the girls would have liked it but it was getting late and we were all still a bit hungry. So we left and stopped at Hardee's to grab something for the ride home.

All in all an expensive night out, but fun was had so it's all good. I thank my in-laws for the help with funds and the tickets, they really helped - other wise it would have been $17/adult and $12/kid.

I have some pictures I'll get up as soon as I clean them up as it was dark in the tent.

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