My first memories

One of my bestest friends posted her first memories. I'm not exactly sure what my first memories are.

I remember having to have an alarm clock tell me when I could wake up. I was always an earlier riser lol.

I remember my fourth birthday. It was a surprise party, and the best part of it was I got to spend the whole day with my Dad prior to the party. Of that day that's what I remember.

I remember the apartments we lived in up until I was four almost 5. The boys upstairs in the batman and robin pajamas, and the boy who lived across the parking lot, Ian I think was his name.

I remember a little boy giving me a little turtle stick pin. I still have the stick pin at home with my pin collection, but I don't remember his name.

I remember my brother in his walker tied to the stairs in the apartments while we were outside. This allowed him to walk but with out going too far into the parking lot.

I remember going to the fire department in preschool. I remember making paper gingerbread men.

I remember moving to our house in Denver. I even remember looking at the house before we bought it with all the dogs in the hall way - puppies galore.

I remember my brother being terrified to go outside, there was even a baby swing but he refused to go out in the back yard.

I remember the brown rings on my skin after climbing on the red shag carpet that was in our bedroom. And I remember the big freezer box we played in for a long time after we got our stand alone freezer.

Most of these were 4 & 5. I don't think I have many before that, at least not that I can think of.

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