The weather is changing and it's making things difficult for me sleep wise. Its at the stage in the weather where if I keep my extra blanket on I'm too hot, but if I don't have it on I'm too cold. So that induces a night of tossing and turning. Friday night had it's own issues too but they shouldn't have affected my sleep. I slept great Saturday night despite the early wake up call by my girlies and one who decided it was a good idea to sleep with us - Daddy let her I ignored her lol.

Last night I didn't sleep well and I can feel it this morning. I probably should have gotten up and taken a shower but I didn't. But I took one last night to wash the girlies hair too so I didn't really need one, except to wake up I guess lol.

I've been told that exercise would help alot of my ailments - headaches being number one on the list of remedies lol. BTW, cutting my hair seemed to have helped a lot, I've only had one (well two) major headaches since doing so. I seriously think an exercise bike in our bedroom in front of the tv is going to be the best solution to both losing weight and the exercise factor. Now to get the money to buy a recumbent bike to be easy on Shea's knees. So time to save for it I guess. I've done my looking around (Walmart, Target, Academy and a few other places), but Walmart still seems to be the best price for what we need. Though I don't think they sell that particular one in stores and tho I could have it shipped site to store for the same price as buying it there I guess. Just more of a wait.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015