Fair Day

Today was Kids day at the county fair. Kathleen got to go twice. She went with the her preschool class this afternoon and we took them after Shea got home from work. We went mostly for the gumbo, it's a once a year treat we get. It was good to not have to cook tonight.

Then we went on rides. First off was the slide. Then the roller coaster for little ones, then the cars that go around a track slowly. And finally the strawberry tilt-a-whirl that I went on with the girls. I could have done with out the tilt-a-whirl, my stomach was not happy.

But I do have a funny story about the tilt-a-whirl. It was one of those ones where you have to turn it yourself, well it was me and 4 other little kids. Sammi decided that while we had a good spin on it NOT to let go as she was helping. So she scotted over two other kids seats on their laps until I was able to unlatch her from the wheel and sit next to me. It was kinda funny, dangerous, but she didn't get hurt no big deal.

We had a good time, saw a very little pony and the cows, goats and chickens and the lone pig named Lunch. We got them some real Italian Ices and then left to go home. We didn't have as big of a fit as last year, but there was still minor temper tantrums over leaving.

We have another eventful day tomorrow, with hair cuts, maybe the crop maze and then to Jacob's Pumpkin Carving Party at 6pm. Will be a very long day tomorrow, hopefully the girls sleep well tonight.

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