Sick or Allergies?

Kitten isn't doing so well right now. She woke up with a headache at 4am, so I gave her some tylenol. Then at 6:30a when I went to get a shower she wasn't "breathing" so well, so I gave her some Zytrec. She went to school no real issues, but she was at school complaining of a sore throat and belly and was nearly asleep on the table when I got there.

We came home I took her temp as she felt a bit warm, but she was wearing a sweater, it was a bit high, nothing major so I gave her some more tylenol, then let her take a nap. She's still napping.

Thankfully we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

But I really don't know if this allergies or her getting sick. If she has allergies she's like me with no real visible signs of having them, it's all in how I feel - my head is off, I have a headache etc. If do sneeze a lot when my allergy medicine is on the down ward spiral of the 24 hour medication. So I really don't know what's going on, I think she's sick with the change in weather, that's my gut feeling, her allergies don't make her sleepy in general.

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