I forgot my camera :(

Kathleen had her Halloween fall party at school today and I forgot my camera. But I did volunteer to help out so I really didn't have time to take pictures. I helped with the bowling game. So I was all over chasing a ball and setting up pins and trying to help kids behave themselves in line and take turns.

I did manage to see Kathleen win the sack hop. She only fell once I was really happy.

On another note, Kathleen had a follow up ear appointment yesterday. It did double duty yesterday as she had a fever the following day and a slight one yesterday too. She didn't go to school yesterday either. Her ear infection wasn't gone, her antibiotics this round while covered by our crap insurance cost almost $100. If it hadn't been antibiotics I would asked for something else.

Kathleen is also on a daily dose of Zyrtec and Nasonex. Poor kiddo. But she's doing fine, she had a good time today and I'm happy. She played with her friends, tho I think she was a bit lost too. She did enjoy herself and that means I can volunteer more often for things for her. I really think she enjoys showing things off to me while I'm there, but I was busy working on the game so she was a bit lost. She did good tho I'm proud of her. Sammi too, but she's a social butterfly so she will be fine just about anywhere, and I didn't have to worry about her there so that made things much easier.

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