Trunk R Treat

Friday was Trunk R Treat, we went down town and had a long wait trying to get candy. It was a mad house, but the girls got enough candy to do them some good. I took my camera but it was so busy there was no real good time to let go of the girls hands to take a picture. It was pretty much a fight to get what we did get.

Shea had Samantha and whenever there was a scary costume he'd tell her isn't that silly and she'd agree. I think it got her thru the scarier parts. The only thing Kathleen was really afraid the freddy krugar at the fire truck at the end of the event. Then we went home for the glorious candy they had.

Yesterday was suppose to be trick or treating around town but I don't think there was many out there, our door bell never rang, but then again we didn't have the lights on, nor did I have much candy to spare, I'd bought one bag just in case but we didn't even have those. We didn't take the girls out as we don't have anyone to go see. They've had enough candy anyway so they don't know the difference.

Today we are going to Shea's parents house for food/cook out family gathering type thing. It's their anniversary and his younger brother's birthday so the girls have spent this morning making pictures for them. I wish I had real paper for them to draw on, but all I have is off white yellowish paper which is hard to see much on with what they had to draw with. Oh well, Kathleen did write their names and her own so it's all good.

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