Pepermint Bark

For the past few weeks I've had sitting in my cupboards the ingredients to make pepermint bark or what I hoped would pass for it. Yesterday I made it. It's pretty basic. I melted white chocolate in the microwave, I used the stuff that you use to make an "Almond bark" you can use the chips and would probably melt quicker that way.

I stirred in some pepermint extract into the white chocolate and spread it over a waxpapered cookie sheet and then added Andies Pepermint Crunch peices on top and threw it in the freeze.

About 30 mins later it was solid and broken up and put back in the freezer (mostly to keep it out of little hands too much lol)

Shea liked it. We have an easy to make Dirty Santa gift this year. Cool.

I'm gonna start my from scratch pizza tonight again too, it'll be a good day I think. We will be trying a bacon chicken ranch pizza instead of a typical peperoni one.

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