Almost 5...

Kitten will be 5 next month. I'm still in awe of that. I'm not one of those people who sit and think oh my I remember when she was just this big holding out my hands to some small proportion she once was. I remember it, but it's not like yesterday.

Kathleen as a baby. You couldn't put her down after you fed her at night or in the middle of the night without waking her up. It became so bad at 9 months when Shea's son went back to his mothers we put the double bed mattress' on the floor and surrounding the bed with pillows on the floor. This just so I could feed her while she was laying down and not have to go through the motion of a short Mommy reaching down into a deep crib. Yeah that wasn't fun when she'd wake up and I'd have to rock her back to sleep all the while trying to keep her from waking Shea up. That transition made life so much easier.

A month later she was walking around, it was truly amazing to watch her waddle from one place to another. Then comes Sammi and life took on a bigger meaning and she had to learn how to share, which Kathleen did really well. She wanted to help and since she was walking already it was a cake walk to take the girls grocery shopping by myself. I think that was one of my biggest fears with two kids. Not being able to go to the store when I needed to, to have to wait for Shea to come home to do it. But we manage to do it with out a problem.

Kathleen is now going to be 5 and I'm like wow, has it been that long already. I'm so proud of her. While we still have issues with potty training and various other issues, she's a great gal and smart and sweet. She's very loving and even though her sister and Bubba beat up on her she loves them to death.

It amazes me when she shows off the things she does in preschool. I knew she could do all these things, she just needed the right push. She doesn't like going to school, but she's always excited when she goes home, she always has fun and she does learn a lot. I am very proud of her. (Not that I'm not proud of Samantha lol, but this is about Kathleen hehe.)

I still am amazed when the girls call me Momma, Mommy etc. It's still really kinda unbelievable that these little ones are mine. They drive me batty almost every day but I wouldn't change it for the world. The holidays are coming and they are who I hold on to when I'm far from my family. These two are the world to me (and their Daddy too). I can't imagine a day without them.

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