Letters to Santa

The girls wrote their letters to Santa, Kathleen wrote the whole thing with my help for letters.

I've attached Kathleen's letter so you can all see it for yourself.

It says "Dear Santa, I have been good. I want a Dora. Kathleen"

Samantha didn't write hers. She sat in my lap and I wrote it for her.

"Dear Santa, I have been good. Don't listen to my Daddy. I want Toys, a monkey and Cereal. Love Samantha"

While she was thinking about her list she paused dramatically Ummm, Toys,... um, with her finger to her lip... a monkey... um, Cereal.

She said she wanted cereal, I giggled.

We burnt the letters and they are now magically on Santa's note pad for him to read. I found out this was a British tradition, it's kinda cool, but I mostly did it cause it was what I did as a kid and enjoyed it.

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