PHP Programmer

Yesterday I got an email from a man (I assume it's a man) about a PHP Programmer job opening up in Mobile. I checked out the website that was in his signature, but the job was not listed so I had no more information on it. This morning I checked the site again and it's listed today. The pay is decent enough to make some money and pay the things I need to, but it depends on the location of this company since the company I'm looking at isn't the company I'd be working for, this is a recruiting company so not sure how this is going to go.

I have a phone call with them this morning at 9am. Hopefully the girls will continue to watch TV peacefully for the next hour or so so I can get through this with little interruption. But we'll see I doubt it will be that way once the phone rings. It never does.

I'll post again once I've gone through this phone call.

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