2010 Resolution Review

Last year I made 2 sets of Resolutions - one about me and one about my freelancing. I can't say I did then or even that I feel like acomplished goals there but I'll go thru and reflect none-the-less.

I did buy a scale with out batteries and use it regularly, not that I lost any weight per-say. I did purchase EA Active, Kathleen loves the roller blading jump, but the whole batteries dying and needing to recharge kinda through the whole using the Wii to exercise off. I did manage to cut out the soda for a while, but I started again and well I've pretty much resigned myself to having to exercise to get any weight off. We don't eat bad, yes I could do with out the soda but the caffeine is a hard drug to kick lol.

As for my freelancing, I stopped working for HIT in March cause they didn't have enough work to go around. I didn't make any WordPress themes that were for clients. With out proper direction it's difficult for me to do so. And I did not learn anything new with .net. However I did figure out a direction I want to go with my freelancing - WordPress "expert". I'm pretty much going to focus on WordPress. I have recently worked on custom post types in various forms. I have one paying client I used two custom post types on their new site, one database personal project I took on for Dragonmount's White Tower RP Group. I also utilized custom posts for my own portfolio.

So all in all not a very resolute year, but it was a decent year.

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