Walked away

Last night I walked away from my stove while I was heating up oil to drop rice into for Mexican rice. And I forgot I had done that went back in a few minutes later any my kitchen was on fire. I backed up out of it yelled fire to Shea and proceeded to look for the fire extinguisher since I knew it had oil in it I wasn't about to drop it in the sink and add water. Thankfully only the pan was on fire. The microwave door is slightly melted, but I'm pretty sure it's still in decent shape. Its just one expense will have to do if we want to sell the joint lol.

Today I set down to the task of cleaning the soot off of everything in the kitchen. The oven corner no longer looks like a black hole, while not 100% completely clean it's better than it was.

Shea's always telling me I'm going to set the house on fire. Yesterday was almost one of those days. The only damage other than smoke damage is the microwave. Though I might be down another pan we'll see after I clean it out.

I'm thankful the fire extinguisher worked. I'm thankful I caught it before the pot holder and apron next to the stove caught fire or the cupboards above the stove. I said I needed to do a deep cleaning well now I'll be cleaning a lot more than intended in the kitchen. I'm not sure I can get all the crap off of the top of the cupboards smoke related or not. It's just not easy to get elbow grease moving up there on a ladder or the counter. But I'm going to wash down all the walls to be best of my ability and scrub my cupboards and make sure my kitchen gets a deep clean. I then really need to do the whole thing to the girls bedroom next.

I need more cleaning supplies tho and possibly a mask so I don't die from the fumes of the cleaning chemicals. Though I will probably use vinegar in most places - but bleach is a must in the kitchen.

One hell of a way to start the New Year -I don't recommend this method of jump-starting your New Years Resolutions.

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