I fell ... Twice!

Kathleen's birthday party was today. We had two kids from school and the Uncle's and Aunt's and cousins and of course Mam and PawPaw. It was a nice get together for Kathleen she got to play with two of her friends from school and the little boy that came was even very friendly with the girls.

The girls got the beginner skates and Kathleen did really great on them. Samantha usually went with someone but she'd let go of their hand once and a while. The other two started out with normal skates and they didn't do so well but their parents went to get them some beginner skates and they did great after that.

Kathleen said her classic "Oh My Gosh" when she opened a lot of her toys. She loved things she got.

It wasn't until the limbo that I fell. Against my better judgment I went with Kathleen and in my attempt to go under I fell. Yay me! I didn't go under again I'd had enough limbo lol. After our last round through I was talking with Kathleen and trying to do too many things at once and I fell. I mean I fell. Right smack on my hind end and my wrist of course you always land on the palm of your hand and jam your wrist. My palm is bruised and my butt is sore. But it was fun. Everyone had a good time. I am glad that she had a few friends show up.

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