Heat or No Heat?

Heat is one of those things you take for granted when you have it and miss it terribly when you don't have it. Two nights ago I noticed (but didn't say anything) that our heater seamed to be acting up. It didn't kick in after being on. I didn't think anything of it. But it didn't come on the rest of the night either. It got really chilly in the morning and through out the next day. Thankfully I tried the heat in the morning and found it wasn't working. Shea looked at it but we couldn't afford for him to stay home. So he went to work and called his Dad to get his AC guy to come take a look.

Kathleen went to school and Sammi and I stayed home to try to stay warm. I ended up going to Walmart with the girls after I picked Kitten up cause Sammi and I needed a bit warmth. We looked in the toys and sports area for starter skates just to see prices but they didn't have any. We then picked up some McDonald's so the girls could have a warm lunch instead of just sandwiches or cereal. Warm was better than cold since we still hadn't gotten any heat. We came home and the AC guy came and found the problem. It was the ignitor/glow plug was cracked and thus not working. He went out picked up another one and then we had heat.

It really was amazing how cold it was. It was so cold that after I got warm after a hot shower how my body just released all it's tension. My back and legs were killing me. A little stretching and Aleve helped me get to sleep.

I am thankful we have such great family (on both sides).

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